Okay, so today is my birthday and it started out ominously...first it was pouring rain, but I did not take it personally since it has been raining for what seems like months straight (and heck, rain here means snow in the mountains which is a good thing). Then, and this is where I should have just gone back home and gotten in bed, as I was walking to work I decided to call a friend and after pulling my phone out of my pocket proceeded to throw it through the air where it landed with a crunching plastic sound on the concrete below, bounced (and I do not mean skipped, this thing must have been a rubber ball in a past life because my phone got 8-10 inches (25cm for those smart ones in Europe) of air on each bounce, and then slid to a stop in 2 inches of water. Well, after running over and grabbing it out of its watery grave I proceeded to investigate the damage. Hmmmm, dripping water, but it still seems to work. I call James and after blowing some water out of the speaker so I can hear him it appears the phone is no less the worse for wear. Boy was I wrong. About 3 hours later - after making and answering calls - my phone decides it has had a hard enough life and lays over dead. RIP. But hey, this is a great excuse to get a new phone and of course I made a bee-line for the new Motorola Razr V3. Yes, everyone and their, ahem, mother has one, but these things are NICE. And as a designer I can appreciate (and love to have even though my paycheck does not allow it) things that have a synergy between form and function! Anyway, if you have not held one go do it.....they just feel good. Sort of like the steering wheel in a BMW. Yes, lots of cars have steering wheels, but they do not provided the same feedback that one in a BMW does.


At 4:50 PM, Blogger olga said...

Happy Birthday, clamzy boy! Who am I to say, I lost my cell running in the snow in the mountains:) And since I can't afford either V3 or BMW (convirtable, sea color please), can I hold yours?
Enjoy the party, wish I were there.

At 7:49 AM, Blogger alli said...

love the detailed description of the old cellphone's final moments in life...!!

At 11:45 AM, Blogger rick said...

C'mon you know you wanted to drop that phone. No need to hide, we are all gear hounds here:)

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